Strategy and Creative

Sometimes putting your ideas into customer friendly words can be hard. Translating your unique selling proposition into an appealing core message for an ad campaign that clients respond to emotionally can have its challenges.

We will match the right words to reflect your core values and unique product or service, add the right imagery and select the right channels so that your digital marketing budget is spent as efficiently as possible.


Your website needs to be a current digital reflection of your company values and history. So content creation is pivotal to creating search engine friendly websites that rank well on Google, but also that relate the authentic voice of your business, and your team. We will put a communication roadmap in place that will incorporate fresh, genuine, relevant content that aligns with your overall objectives and create search engine friendly 350+ words blog posts, landing pages, etc. together with the relevant stock imagery if necessary according to it.


We will pick the most suitable platforms for your business and create high quality content – images, words, video – to drive engagement and boost the number of followers. We will create a monthly dashboard with your company’s digital results across various channels so you can keep an eye on progress of your organic and paid campaigns.

Display and Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click campaigns are essential to a digital marketing plan and one of the most cost-effective ways to boost traffic that is relevant to your website. By setting up campaigns for the right keywords people will discover you at the critical time when they open Google to search for services or products like yours.

At the same time, it is important to keep top of mind for visitors who have already been on your website by inviting them back to your website with display (remarketing) campaigns. Remarketing is low cost compared to other digital tools and Biscotti Digital can create the message and artwork that will be displayed as well as setup the campaign, report on results, etc.


Email marketing still gets some of the best responses in the business when done responsibly and with a focus on offering fun, relevant content that your clients will enjoy receiving in their inboxes. When done right, email campaigns will help you get your clients engaged and active and increase leads pipeline and sales.

By using your platform of choice we can create one off email blasts or coordinated campaigns to leverage your current data base. From design to message to send out and reports – we will create engaging emails to drive traffic to your website and encourage browsing and conversions.

 Marketing boutique for businesses in Glasgow and beyond

A small digital agency can offer you access to marketing experts in different fields that will amplify your message and boost your online presence without the pressure of a full time employee. Big or small, your projects matter and we’ll do our best to deliver the best value for your money.

The best thing about digital marketing is you can know at all times where you spend your marketing budget and whether it works or not.


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